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APICe is a research laboratory that hosts, either physically or virtually, scholars, research groups, and interdisciplinary project teams, including PhD students, fellows, and researchers, mostly (but not exclusively) belonging to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI) of the Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna, Italy.

The main research subjects investigated in the lab are: multi agent systems & agent-oriented computing; coordination models & infrastructures; programming languages, models and paradigms; software & process engineering; bioinformatics & computational systems biology; ICT & law; intelligent systems; complex computational systems; simulation; e-Health.

APICe Wiki

The APICe Wiki is an ever-growing collection of spaces devoted to the activities, ideas, products, and technologies of scholars, research groups, and project teams of this lab. This Wiki — usually called APICe Space — is self-maintained by APICe people. Currently, the APICe Wiki is based on the XWiki platform.

Below, a list of some of the main spaces in the APICe Wiki.

  • People — People (researchers, students, collaborators) affiliated with or involved in anyway with the activities of the APICe lab
  • Publications — Scientific materials and publications either produced or used by APICe people
  • Talks — Talks, seminars, and presentations either given or attended by APICe people
  • Projects — Projects managed in APICe, or participated by APICe people
  • Products — Prototypes, technologies and systems developed by APICe people
  • Events — Events (conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars,...) involving APICe people
  • Courses — Courses held by APICe people
  • Theses — Theses supervised by APICe people