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page_white_acrobat  simpA-WS: An Agent-Oriented Computing Technology for WS-based SOA Applications (paper in proceedings, 2006) — Alessandro Ricci, Claudio Buda, Nicola Zaghini, Antonio Natali, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat  Building Smart Spaces on the Home Manager platform (article in journal, 2016) — Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti
book  Logic-based coordination: a semantic approach to self-composition of services (completed, 21/03/2019) — Ashley Caselli
page_white_acrobat  Semantic Tuple Centres (article in journal, 2013) — Elena Nardini, Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli
page_white_acrobat  tuProlog: A Light-weight Prolog for Internet Applications and Infrastructures (paper in proceedings, 2001) — Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci

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tuProlog License

tuProlog is an open source technology released under the Apache 2.0 License

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