simpA-WS: An Agent-Oriented Computing Technology for WS-based SOA Applications

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Alessandro Ricci, Claudio Buda, Nicola Zaghini, Antonio Natali, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini
Flavio De Paoli, Antonella Di Stefano, Andrea Omicini, Corrado Santoro (eds.)
From Objects to Agents, pages 1–3
CEUR Workshop Proceedings 204
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University
October 2006

This document briefly describes simpA-WS, a Java-based agent-oriented computing technology to flexibly and effectively implement WS-I compliant SOA/WS applications – i.e. Web-Service applications with a Service-Oriented Architecture – both on the user side and the service side.

keywordssimpa, web services, SOA, A&A, SOA/WS, agent-oriented computing
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wrenchSTIL — Telematic Tools for Enterprise Network Interoperability: Integrated Digital Logistics for Region Emilia-Romagna (01/01/2005–31/12/2006)