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page_white_powerpointDA A AD A : Towards a Cognitive Use of Artifacts in MAS (Séminaires G2I, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines St-Etienne, 13/11/2008) — Michele Piunti (Alessandro Ricci, Michele Piunti)
page_white_acrobatsimpA-WS: An Agent-Oriented Computing Technology for WS-based SOA Applications (paper in proceedings, 2006) — Alessandro Ricci, Claudio Buda, Nicola Zaghini, Antonio Natali, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobatIntegrating Artifact-Based Environments with Heterogeneous Agent-Programming Platforms (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Alessandro Ricci, Michele Piunti, Lemi Daghan Acay, Rafael H. Bordini, Jomi Hübner, Mehdi Dastani
page_white_acrobatsimpA-WS: a Simple Agent-Oriented Programming Model and Technology for Developing SOA and Web Services (paper in proceedings, 2007) — Alessandro Ricci, Enrico Denti
page_white_powerpointEnvironment Programming in MAS: CARTAGO and Friends (Dagstuhl Seminar 08361, "Programming Multi-Agent Systems", 04/08/2008) — Alessandro Ricci (Alessandro Ricci, Michele Piunti)
page_white_acrobatsimpA: An Agent-oriented Approach for Programming Concurrent Applications on top of Java (article in journal, 2011) — Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Giulio Piancastelli
bricksL’impatto delle percezioni: simpA e CArtAgO Francesco Vernocchi
page_white_acrobatsimpA: A Simple Agent-Oriented Java Extension for Developing Concurrent Applications (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Giulio Piancastelli
page_white_acrobatPrototyping Concurrent Systems with Agents and Artifacts: Framework and Core Calculus (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Maurizio Cimadamore



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