Environment Programming in MAS: CARTAGO and Friends

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In this talk we discuss environment design and programming in Multi-Agent Systems, using CARTAGO as reference programming model and platform. Based on the A&A conceptual model, CARTAGO promotes the design and development of agent environments in terms of open set of artifacts, collected in workspaces, that agents dynamically instantiate, share and use to support their individual and collective work. The talk is about the current state of the research, ongoing work and future directions. 

Among the topics planned in the talk: 

  • the integration of CARTAGO with heterogeneous agent platforms - Jason, JADEX, simpA will be touched in particular - enabling in the overall the development and execution of open and heterogeneous MAS; 
  • the issue of goal-directed use of artifacts (part presented by Michele Piunti), towards MAS with intelligent agents reasoning about the artifacts to select and use to achieve their goals and/or adapting their computational environment (e.g. by creating new artifacts, linking and manipulating existing ones).