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Roberta Calegari, Giuseppe Pisano, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor
Arg2P: An argumentation framework for explainable intelligent systems
Journal of Logic and Computation, November 2021
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Angelo Croatti, Marco Longoni, Sara Montagna
Applying Telemedicine for Stroke Remote Diagnosis: the TeleStroke System
Procedia Computer Science, 2021
Roberta Calegari, Giuseppe Contissa, Giuseppe Pisano, Galileo Sartor, Giovanni Sartor
Modular logic argumentation in Arg-tuProlog
AI*IA 2021
Giuseppe Pisano, Roberta Calegari, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor
Burden of persuasion in argumentation: A meta-argumentation approach
AI*IA 2021
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Accepted with Revision
Jason Dellaluce, Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto
Probabilistic logic programming in 2P-Kt
AI*IA 2021. AI*IA
Alessandro Ricci, Angelo Croatti, Stefano Mariani, Sara Montagna, Marco Picone
Web of Digital Twins
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2021
Stefano Mariani, Giacomo Cabri, Franco Zambonelli
Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles: Taxonomy and Survey
ACM Computing Surveys, 2020
Roberto Casadei, Mirko Viroli, Alessandro Ricci
Collective Adaptive Systems as Coordination Media: The Case of Tuples in Space-Time
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Marco Picone, Angelo Croatti, Stefano Mariani, Sara Montagna, Alessandro Ricci
Event-Driven Digital Twins
IEEE Software, 2021
Philipp Körner, Michael Beuschel, João Barbosa, Vítor Santos Costa, Verónica Dahl, Manuel V. Hermenegildo, Jose F. Morales, Jan Wielemaker, Daniel Diaz, Salvador Abreu, Giovanni Ciatto
A Multi-Walk Through the Past, Present and Future of Prolog
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 2021
Andrea Agiollo, Andrea Omicini
Load Classification: A Case Study for Applying Neural Networks in Hyper-Constrained Embedded Devices
Applied Sciences, November 2021
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Naftaly H. Minsky
Regulation-Based Management of Open (SOC-Based) Distributed Systems
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