The “Self-organising Coordination” Paradigm in the Software Engineering of SOS

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This draft document shortly surveys the main scientific contributions in "Software Engineering for Self-Organising Systems" of the aliCE (Agents, Languages and Infrastructures for Complexity Engineering) group of the Alma Mater Studiorum-Universita` di Bologna (UNIBO) in recent years-mainly due to the research led by Mirko Viroli and Andrea Omicini as research staff, and Luca Gardelli and Matteo Casadei as PhD students. Given the novelty of the area, our contribution mostly developed through the evolution of paradigms, meta-models, and infrastructures for complex systems aimed at addressing the main issues of self-organisation. In particular, instead of focussing on specific problems or applications of SOS, we devised a general-purpose engineering approach rooted in the notion of ~self-organising coordination~.