(Re)Integration of Logical English and s(CASP)

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Galileo Sartor, Jacinto Dàvila, Alessia Fidelangeli, Giuseppe Pisano

This paper describes the continuing use of Logical English as a logic programming language that can be interpreted by the s(CASP) reasoner. It builds upon the previous work, and proceeds to add the possibility of expressing global constraints in a form of English that can be easily understood by users, even without any specific technical training. In particular we will integrate constraints in a legal knowledge base, and demonstrate its use. We will then tackle the possibility of integrating the Event Calculus in LE, and
querying the system with s(CASP). In conclusion, we will discuss the ongoing work in integrating LE and s(CASP), and assess the process, with it’s results and difficulties

keywordsLogic Programming, Prolog, Controlled Natural Language, Legal Rule Modelling, Explainable AI, Logical English, s(CASP)