CArtAgO: An Infrastructure for Engineering Computational Environments in MAS

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Danny Weyns, H. Van Dyke Parunak, Fabien Michel (eds.)
3rd International Workshop “Environments for Multi-Agent Systems” (E4MAS 2006), pages 102–119
May 2006

Artifacts have been recently proposed as first-class abstractions to model and engineer general-purpose computational environments for mul- tiagent systems. In this paper, we consider the design and development of an infrastructure called CArtAgO, directly supporting the artifact notion for the engineering of multiagent applications. We first propose an abstract model of the infrastructure, and then describe an implementation prototype of it.

keywordsCArtAgO, A&A, artifacts, multi-agent systems, agent-oriented computing
origin event
worldE4MAS 2006@AAMAS 2006

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