Arg2P: An argumentation framework for explainable intelligent systems

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Journal of Logic and Computation 32(2), pages 369–401
March 2022

In this paper we present the computational model of Arg2P, a logic-based argumentation framework for defeasible reasoning and agent conversation particularly suitable for explaining agent intelligent behaviours. The model is reified as the Arg2P technology, which is presented and discussed both from an architectural and a technological perspective so as to point out its potential in the engineering of intelligent systems. Finally, an illustrative application scenario is discussed in the domain of computable law for autonomous vehicles.

keywordsArg2P, intelligent systems engineering, explainable intelligent systems, logic- based technology, argumentation, defeasible reasoning, multi-agent systems
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book Journal of Logic and Computation (JLC)
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wrenchCompuLaw — Computable Law (01/11/2019–31/10/2025)