Journal of Logic and Computation

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Logic has found application in virtually all aspects of Information Technology, from software engineering and hardware to programming and artificial intelligence. Indeed, logic, artificial intelligence and theoretical computing are influencing each other to the extent that a new interdisciplinary area of Logic and Computation is emerging.

The Journal of Logic and Computation is an online only publication aiming to promote the growth of logic and computing, including, among others, the following areas of interest: Logical Systems, such as classical and non-classical logic, constructive logic, categorical logic, modal logic, type theory, feasible maths.... Logical issues in logic programming, knowledge-based systems and automated reasoning; logical issues in knowledge representation, such as non-monotonic reasoning and systems of knowledge and belief; logics and semantics of programming; specification and verification of programs and systems; applications of logic in hardware and VLSI, natural language, concurrent computation, planning, and databases. The bulk of the content is technical scientific papers, although letters, reviews, and discussions, as well as relevant conference reviews, are included.

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page_white_acrobatSpecial Issue “Computational Logic on Prolog's 50th Anniversary: Highlights from CILC 2022” (2023) — Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobatKnowledge injection of Datalog rules via Neural Network Structuring with KINS (2023) — Matteo Magnini, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobatEfficient compliance checking of RDF data (2023) — Livio Robaldo, Francesco Pacenza, Jessica Zangari, Roberta Calegari, Francesco Calimeri, Giovanni Siragusa
page_white_acrobatPreface (2023) — Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobatExtension of constraint-procedural logic-generated environments for deep Q-learning agent training and benchmarking (2023) — Giovanni De Gasperis, Stefania Costantini, Andrea Rafanelli, Patrizio Migliarini, Ivan Letteri, Abeer Dyoub
page_white_acrobatArg2P: An argumentation framework for explainable intelligent systems (2022) — Roberta Calegari, Giuseppe Pisano, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor
page_white_acrobatDecision procedures for BDI logics (1998) — Anand S. Rao, Michael P. Georgeff
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