Event-Based vs. Multi-Agent Systems: Towards a Unified Conceptual Framework

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Giancarlo Fortino, Weiming Shen, Jean-Paul Barthès, Junzhou Luo, Wenfeng Li, Sergio Ochoa, Marie-Helene Abel, Antonio Guerrieri, Milton Ramos (eds.)
2015 19th IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD2015), pages 1–6
IEEE Computer Society, Calabria, Italy
May 2015

Event-based systems (EBS) are nowadays the most viable sources of technologies and solutions for large-scale distributed applications. On the other hand, multi-agent systems (MAS) apparently provide the most viable abstractions and coherent methods to deal with complex distributed systems, in particular when advanced features – such as mobility, autonomy, symbolic reasoning, knowledge management, situation recognition – are required. In this position paper we discuss how the core concepts of EBS and MAS can in principle be matched and integrated, providing a sound conceptual ground for a coherent discipline for the engineering of complex software systems.

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