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 Enrico Oliva

 PhD in Electronics, Computer Science and Telecommunications

 at Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems (DEIS) Alma Mater Studiorum — Università di Bologna, Cesena. Funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

 Thesis Title:"Argumentation and Artifacts for Intelligent Multi-agent Systems"

 Abstract. Reasoning under uncertainty is a human capacity that in software system is necessary and often hidden. Argumentation theory and logic make explicit nonmonotonic information in order to enable automatic forms of reasoning under uncertainty. In human organization Distributed Cognition and Activity Theory explain how artifacts are fundamental in all cognitive process. Then, in this thesis we search to understand the use of cognitive artifacts in an new argumentation framework for an agent-based artificial society.

 My Publications

 I have both authored and edited a number of scientific publications.
Some of them are listed below.
Some are already organised according to a preliminary structure:

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 email: enrico.oliva@unibo.it skype:  enrico.oliva\ phone: +39.0547.3.39210\ fax:  +39.0547.3.39244

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