io.JPGEnrico Oliva graduated with honors in Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna. Immediately after access to the Graduate Research School in Electronics, Computer Science and Telecommunications at the DEIS Department of same university won a scholarship three years MIUR.

Participate in international events, summer schools and spent a period of 6 months at the University of Liverpool funded by Marco Polo and ASPIC projects where he worked with the department of computer science under the supervision of Prof. Peter McBurney more in-depth studies on the theory of argumentation.

Acquire specific skills in the field of modeling of modern software systems based on components and agents. Investigating various aspects of logic programming applied to the coordination of systems. Become a charter member of the Italian community by promoting the use of Eclipse as a tool and platform for developing software. Plays the role of contact for the project "From product manuals to customizable learning" in collaboration with IBM Tivoli Lab in Rome. Couple teaching experience includes the role of tutors of the course of Fundamentals of Computing for 4 consecutive years. On April 7, 2008 earned the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with mention of European Doctor defending the thesis entitled "Argumentation and Artifacts for Intelligent Multi-agent Systems".

Experienced software development in both academic and industrial environment with particular reference to a Model Driven approach through the use of models, meta-models and domain-specific languages by using the tools provided by Eclipse Modeling Framerwork.




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