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1 =Standardisation Activity=
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10 [[FIPA>>||rel="__blank"]] (the //Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents//) is an [[IEEE Computer Society>>||rel="__blank"]] standards organisation that promotes agent-based technology and the interoperability of its standards with other technologies.
11 Founded in 1996 as an independent body of standardisation devoted to agent languages and technologies, FIPA became the [[11th standard committee of IEEE>>||rel="__blank"]] in June 2005.
13 Since 2008, the [[Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna>>||rel="__blank"]] is a Full Member of the IEEE FIPA Standards Committee, represented by [[Andrea Omicini>>AndreaOmicini.WebHome||rel="__blank"]].
15 ==FIPA DPDF==
17 Since the very beginning, our work in FIPA focussed on the standardisation of the software development process. Our experience in AOSE (Agent-Oriented Software Engineering), in particular with the [[SODA methodology>>SODA.WebHome||rel="__blank"]] and within the [[MEnSA Project>>MEnSA.WebHome||rel="__blank"]] made it clear that //(i)// the role of agent-oriented abstractions and models could be essential in the engineering of complex computation systems, and at the same time //(ii)// the state of the AOSE field was clearly in need of a standardisation effort.
19 That is why, in 2008, the [[IEEE-FIPA DPDF WG>>FIPA-DPDF.WebHome||rel="__blank"]] was founded—that is, the Working Group of FIPA devoted to //Design Process Documentation and Fragmentation//.
21 In 2009 I co-organised, together with [[Vincent Hilaire>>||rel="__blank"]] and [[Massimo Cossentino>>||rel="_blank"]], the 1st IEEE FIPA Workshop on Design Process Documentation and Fragmentation to be held at The Multi-Agent Logics, Languages, and Organisations Federated Workshops ([[DPDF@MALLOW 2010>>DPDF.WebHome||rel="__blank"]])
23 Currently, I am the co-chair of the [[IEEE-FIPA DPDF WG>>FIPA-DPDF.WebHome||rel="__blank"]], together with [[Vincent Hilaire>>||rel="_blank"]] and [[Massimo Cossentino>>||rel="_blank"]].
26 ==Standards==
28 ===Process Documentation Template===
30 The first activity of the DPDF WG focussed on providing a standard template for documenting the software engineering process.
31 After three years of work, the [[Process Documentation Template standard>>||rel="__blank"]] was voted by the DPDF WG as an [[Experimental Standard>>||rel="__blank"]] on 15 June 2011, and raised to the full status of [[FIPA Standard>>||rel="__blank"]] on 10 January 2012.
33 I worked as both a contributor and a reviewer for the Process Documentation Template standard.

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