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What is tuProlog?

tuProlog is a light-weight Prolog system for distributed applications and infrastructures, intentionally designed around a minimal core, to be either statically or dynamically configured by loading/unloading libraries of predicates. tuProlog natively supports multi-paradigm programming, providing a clean, seamless integration model between Prolog and mainstream object-oriented languages -- namely Java, for tuProlog Java version, and any .NET-based language (C#, F#..), for tuProlog .NET version.

tuProlog and related packages are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, via Bitbucket as a Git repository (see Git Quick Start for a fast introduction) and on Maven Central Repository.

Getting Started

  • Download 2p.jar archive from the Downloads section on its Bitbucket repository
  • Unzip the release archive in a folder of your choice and double click the executable
  • The tuProlog IDE should appear, as depicted below:
    • tuProlog-boot.png