Developed in collaboration with the Trauma Center and the Emergency Department of the "Bufalini" Hospital in Cesena, Italy, TraumaTracker is a project in which agent technologies are exploited to realise Personal Medical Digital Assistant Agents (PMDA) supporting a Trauma Team in trauma management operations. TraumaTracker aims at exploring the fruitful integration of software personal agents with wearable/eyewear computing, based on mobile and wearable devices such as smart-glasses.

The key functionality of TraumaTracker is to keep track of relevant events occurring during the management of a trauma, for two basic purposes. The first one is about tracking, i.e. to have an accurate documentation of the trauma, to automate the creation (and management) of reports and to enable offlne data analysis. The second one is a first kind of assistance, in terms of the real-time generation of warnings and suggestions to be perceived through the smartglasses, by analysing and reasoning upon the tracked events and data. The system has been designed and developed using cognitive agent technologies based on the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) architecture, as supported by the JaCaMo agent platform.


Computer Science and Engineering Department (DISI), University of Bologna, Cesena Campus
Trauma Center, Emergency Department, "M. Bufalini" Hospital, Cesena, Italy
ASTRA Onlus, Associazione Sos Trauma-Neuro Romagna

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