Engineering Concurrent and Event-Driven Web Apps: From DART isolates to simpAL agents

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Web is constantly evolving, thanks to the 2.0 transition, HTML5 new features and the coming of cloud-computing, the gap between Web and traditional desktop applications is tailing off. Web-apps are more and more widespread and bring several benefits compared to traditional ones. On the other hand reference technologies, JavaScript primarly, are not keeping pace, so a paradim shift is taking place in Web programming, and so many new languages and technologies are coming out. First objective of this thesis is to survey the reference and state-of-art technologies for client-side Web programming focusing in particular on what concerns concurrency and asynchronous programming. Taking into account the problems that affect existing technologies, we finally design simpAL-web, an innovative approach to tackle Web-apps development, based on the Agent-oriented programming abstraction and the simpAL.

keywordsWeb Apps, Web 2.0, JavaScript, DART, Asynchronous Programming, Event-driven Programming, Agent-Oriented Programming, simpAL