The Fridge

The Fridge

Fostering community awareness...


It's cool? it's fresh? stick it on the fridge! The Fridge is the place where anything requiring community awareness (internal processes, infrastructure? et cetera) gets stuck.


Or how evolution also involves the laboratory structure, always leading to the better...

2013 Apice IT infrastructure

Solving xWikiApice problems

Building the new xWikiApice

SSO Upgrade

Upgrade Issues 

Local Login 

Apice Alice Servers Consolidation

Publication Management Development 

Publication Management

Secure Authentication

Student Authentication

Scala tutorial

Domain Specific Language thingamabob

Development, Build and Integration System

The Shape of Collaboration Have to Come e' una sintesi (vision) della possibile evoluzione della collaborazione mediata da strumenti informatici pragmaticamente radicata nell'esperienza (multi-agent system / application wiki) del gruppo aliCE/APICe nella collaborazione.

AWS Seminar

You may follow the process of co-constructing the wiki structure.


XWiki Development Documentation

XWiki Skins Documentation

aliCE/APICe Meetings & Brainstormings


Wiki Brainstorming on 08/01/2008

Wiki Meeting on 06/03/2008

PS: Building the new xWikiApice