SKI: Symbolic Knowledge Injection, state of the art and research perspectives

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  • Introduction of Symbolic Knowledge Injection (SKI): definition and characteristics (taxonomy).
  • Brief literature overview and discussion.
  • Presentation of the design and use case of PSyKI: a platform for symbolic knowledge injection.
  • Presentation of KINS algorithm: knowledge injection via network structuring.
reference publication
page_white_acrobatOn the Design of PSyKI: a Platform for Symbolic Knowledge Injection into Sub-Symbolic Predictors (paper in proceedings, 2022) — Matteo Magnini, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini
funding project
wrenchEXPECTATION — Personalized Explainable Artificial Intelligence for decentralized agents with heterogeneous knowledge (01/04/2021–31/03/2024)