Oscillations Based Multi-Agent System (OSIMAS) Development

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Darius Plikynas, Andrej Cholscevnikov

Presentation is about multidisciplinary synopsis of various theories in the search for common oscillations based (field-like) fundamental principles of self-organization and communication existing on quantum, cellular, and even social levels. Based on these fundamental principles, we formulate conceptually novel social neuroscience paradigm (OSIMAS), which envisages social systems emerging from the coherent neurodynamical processes taking place in the individual mind-fields. In this way, societies are understood as global processes emerging from the superposition of the conscious and subconscious mind-fields of individual members of society. For the experimental validation of the biologically inspired OSIMAS paradigm, we have designed a framework of EEG-based experiments. Initial baseline individual tests of spectral cross-correlations of EEG-recorded brainwave patterns for some basic mental states are provided in this presentation. Preliminary experimental results do not refute the main OSIMAS postulates. This presentation provides some insights for the construction of OSIMAS-based oscillating agent and consequently multi-agent system development as well.