Molecules of Knowledge: Self-Organisation in Knowledge-Intensive Environments

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Information specialists are facing new and critical challenges in their knowledge production process: the increasing amount of information to mine, the pace at which it's made available and the heterogeneity of its structure are just a few to mention. By developing models, technologies, and tools to explore the new landscape of information, computer scientists can help people to discover, manage, and publish information at lower costs. In this talk, you'll meet MoK, a biochemically-inspired coordination model promoting self-organisation of knowledge toward the idea of self-organising workspaces. In MoK, knowledge sources produce atoms of knowledge in biochemical compartments, which then may diffuse and/or aggregate in molecules by means of biochemical reactions, acting locally within and between such spaces. Knowledge prosumers workspaces are mapped into such compartments, which reify information-oriented user actions to drive atoms and molecules aggregation and diffusion.

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