Spaces for Programming Languages in MASs: A Perspective on Coordination, Organisation & Security

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Novel views in software engineering open new spaces for programming languages. The agent perspective over software systems leads to the recognition of original dimensions which call for suitable programming paradigm shifts, and then for new programming languages. In particular, an agent-educated view over coordination, organisation and security makes it clear that (i) they share the same conceptual space—the wide space of MAS interaction, (ii) they are strongly inter-related—handling them separately is awkward, (iii) they anyway account for different viewpoints over MAS interaction—languages addressing coordination, organisation and security need to be both diverse and strongly co-related at the same time. In this talk, we take the agents & artefacts perspective over MAS, and elaborate on the issue of programming languages for coordination, organisation and security in MASs.

funding project
wrenchAgentLink III — A Coordination Network for Agent-based Computing (01/01/2004–31/01/2006)