On the role of computational logic in MAS: practice with 2P-Kt

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Computational logic (CL) is a key enabler of intelligent behaviour for software agents. Theoretically, it supports key cognitive capabilities such as intensional knowledge representation, automated reasoning, deliberation, etc. When it comes to practice, logic-based technologies are often built on top, or as extensions of, the Prolog language—and the definite clauses (a.k.a. Horn clauses) logic (DCL) behind it. Stemming from a summary of the fundamental notions behind DCL, and logic unification and resolution, this tutorial discusses the impact of CL on the engineering of intelligent agents. Practical demonstrations and examples are provided by means of the 2P-Kt technology, which is a logic-based ecosystem where individual CL mechanisms can be exploited, combined, and possibly extended or modified to support agents’ cognitive capabilities—including, not limited to, automated reasoning.

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