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  A&A2  agent-based modelling2  agent-based modelling and simulation2  agents1  Alchemist13  BDI3  biochemical coordination2  BioMABS3  chemical coordination1  chronic diseases1  computational biology4  coordination1  developmental biology2  digital health1  digital twins2  discrete-event simulation2  distributed systems1  Drosophila Melanogaster6  e-health5  eco-laws1  eternal systems1  formal models1  GALILEO5  Gillespie2  glycolysis1  health care6  Healthcare2  hematopoietic stem cells2  Hospital 4.01  live semantic annotations2  MAS applications2  MASON1  meta-heuristics2  metabolyc pathways1  morphogenesis3  MS-BioNET2  msbionet1  multi-agent based simulation7  multi-agent systems2  multi-level models2  multicellular systems biology3  nature-inspired computing2  parameter optimisations1  personal agents1  personal medical digital assistants2  pervasive computing1  pervasive ecosystems1  pervasive service ecosystems1  remote diagnosis1  SAPERE3  SAPERE-core1  SAPERE-in1  SAPERE-pre2  SAPERE-WP21  self-awareness1  self-management of chronic diseases1  self-organising systems4  semantic chemistry1  semantic coordination1  signalling pathways models2  simulation4  smart hospital1  spatial computing1  spatial coordination1  stem cells1  stochastic simulation3  stochastic simulation algorithm4  systems biology3  telemedicine1  TeleStroke1  trauma management1  TraumaTracker5  TuCSoN2  tuple-based coordination1  Type 1 diabetes mellitus1 

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