Internal Meeting on Methodology, 13 April 2012

Internal Meeting on Methodology, 13 April 2012


  • Friday 13/4/2012, 11:00 - 14:00


  • DEIS Bologna, viale Risorgimento 2, Studio Omicini


  1. Ambra Molesini
  2. Andrea Omicini
  3. Enrico Denti


We set the work schedule. First of all we'll proceed with a deep investigation of the state of art, with particular regard to

  • AOSE methodologies fitting the SAPERE's agent definition
  • Methodologies adopting coordination models
  • Methodologies for designing pervasive systems
    • Methodologies for designing services
  • Methodologies for adaptive and self-organising systems
    • simulation
    • self-calibration

After that, we'll identify the main requirements of the SAPERE methodology, then we will define and document the SAPERE methodology, together with the other units.

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