Meeting 26/11/2010

Meeting 26/11/2010


  • Friday 26/11/2010, 10:00 - 12:00


DEIS Cesena, via Venezia 52, Meeting Room, 2nd floor


  1. Matteo Casadei
  2. Ambra Molesini
  3. Sara Montagna
  4. Elena Nardini
  5. Andrea Omicini
  6. Mirko Viroli


This meeting was mainly aimed at preparing the UNIBO-UNIMORE joint meeting next Friday. The issues we discussed, and their main outcomes are listed below.

— Self-organization (discussion led by Matteo)

  • Issues with Matteo's visit to Geneva: pseudo-formal behavioural description of self-organization patterns; the need of finding a proper meta-model
  • Matteo's next activities:  paper with Geneva, (ii) paper on self-organising patterns with LSAs (draft by end December) with Sara, (iii) interactions with UNIMORE

Slides can be found here

— Eco-Laws (discussion led by Elena)

  • Wrap-up of main concepts with LSAs, eco-laws, and semantic techniques
  • Few details on a fuzzyDL framework for eco-laws
  • Elena's next activities:   by December, a draft eco-law model will be ready (no paper yet, though).

— Bio-inspiration (discussion led by Sara)

  • Current state of a research thread on patterns of reaction-diffusion, modelled either as differential equations or as stochastic discrete reactions
  • Sara's next activities:  paper above, (ii) complete the reaction-diffusion exploration by December

— Initial discussion on model vs. infrastructure

  • Matteo presented the main elements of UNIMORE's recent paper on SAPERE middleware (slides can be downloaded here)
  • The whole audience discussed the following issues: algorithms vs interactive processes, complex distributed algorithms vs self-organising simple eco-laws, micro vs macro eco-laws. No significant technical result has been reached, though we recognised the usefulness of next meeting and the potential of the UNIBO-UNIMORE contribution.