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1 {{velocity}}#set( $publicationMenu = true ){{/velocity}}
3 Nowadays, academic work (research, teaching, project) requires a large amount of scientific publications, and typically produces a lot of original scientific materials.
4 In order to display and support the many forms of today academic activity, a handy and precise representation of such a huge collection of pieces of scientific literature is certainly more than useful, particularly when connected in a smart way to institutional [[CRIS>>Cris]] as well as to the many authoritative sources of scientific and technical literature available online today.
6 This [[Publications>>Publications.WebHome]] space in [[{{apice/}}>>Main.WebHome]] is meant to address such needs precisely, by making it possible to record and link the scientific material considered relevant for any scientific, teaching, and technical activity in the academic context.
8 {{include document="Publications.Access"/}}

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