Coordination in Socio-technical Systems: Where are we now? Where do we go next?

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Science of Computer Programming 184

Despite Socio-Technical Systems (STS) have been defined and described long ago, and dedicated software engineering techniques and guidelines have been designed and assessed in different application domains, the issue of coordinating people and software artefacts in STS has been widely recognised only recently, and recently gained momentum to generate some promising engineering approaches. In this paper, we aim to shed some light into the current status of the research landscape concerned with engineering coordination within STS Accordingly, we highlight the main challenges yet to be tackled as stemming from real world case studies, present the opportunities arising from different research threads that we have to deal with them, and delve into a few selected coordination approaches for specific STS application domains.

keywordssurvey; coordination; socio-technical systems; social protocols; commitments; behavioural implicit communication; MoK
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book Science of Computer Programming (SCP)