Explainable and Ethical AI: A Perspective on Argumentation and Logic Programming

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Matteo Baldoni, Stefania Bandini (eds.)
AIxIA 2020 – Advances in Artificial Intelligence, chapter 2, pages 19–36
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 12414
Springer Nature

In this paper we sketch a vision of explainability of intelligent systems as a logic approach suitable to be injected into and exploited by the system actors once integrated with sub-symbolic techniques.
In particular, we show how argumentation could be combined with different extensions of logic programming – namely, abduction, inductive logic programming, and probabilistic logic programming – to address the issues of explainable AI as well as some ethical concerns about AI.

keywordsexplainable AI · ethical AI · argumentation · logic programming · abduction · probabilistic LP · inductive LP
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book Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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