Opportunistic cyberphysical services: A novel paradigm for the future Internet of Things

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Giancarlo Fortino, Wilma Russo, Claudio Savaglio, Mirko Viroli, MengChu Zhou
4th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, WF-IoT 2018, Singapore, February 5-8, 2018, pages 488-492
IEEE Computer Society

Services have a paramount importance for unfolding the potential of the future Internet of Things (IoT), a dense, open, cyberphysical ecosystem in which humans, conventional computing systems and daily objects straightforwardly interoperate. By summarizing our previous contributions in such
novel research context, this paper promotes our vision of “Opportunistic IoT Services” and a full-fledged approach to their modeling according to their opportunistic properties. Its
effectiveness and flexibility is illustrated by means of two case studies, related to the Industrial IoT and Smart City scenarios. 

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