Risk as Dependability Metrics for the Evaluation of Business Solutions: A Model-driven Approach

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Yudistira Asnar, Rocco Moretti, Maurizio Sebastianis, Nicola Zannone
Bhavani Thuraisingham, Nguyen Manh Tho (eds.)
Proceedings of the Third International Workshop ``Dependability Aspects on Data WArehousing and Mining applications'' (DAWAM-08)
IEEE Computer Society, Barcelona , Spain
March 2008

The analysis of business solutions is one of critical issues in industry. Risk is one of the most preeminent and accepted metrics for the evaluation of business solutions. Not surprisingly, many research efforts have been devoted to develop risk management frameworks. Among them, Tropos Goal-Risk offers a formal framework for assessing and treating risks on the basis of the likelihood and severity of failures. In this paper, we extend the Tropos Goal-Risk to assess and treat risks by considering the interdependency among actors within an organization. To make the discussion more concrete, we apply the proposed framework for analysis of the risks within manufacturing organizations.

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