Coordination Tools for the Development of Agent-based Systems

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Robert Trappl (eds.)
Cybernetics and Systems 2002, pages 671–676
Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies
April 2002

Development and deployment tools are required to effectively support the engineering of multi-agent systems (MAS). In particular, tools are needed to monitor and debug inter-agents aspects, such as interaction protocols, coordination policies and environment constraints.
By assuming interaction as a first-class issue, this paper aims at identifying the main aspects of support tools for an effective agent infrastructure, and takes tuple-based coordination infrastructures as its reference. The role of support tools is discussed in a simple case study: the development and deployment of a well-known agent interaction protocol, the Contract Net.

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wrenchNokiaMobileCoord — Coordination Technologies for Mobile Agents and Wireless Devices (01/01/2002–31/12/2002)