Organizing the Aggregate: Languages for Spatial Computing

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Jacob Beal, Stefan Dulman, Kyle Usbeck, Mirko Viroli, Nikolaus Correll
Marjan Mernik (eds.)
Formal and Practical Aspects of Domain-Specific Languages: Recent Developments, chapter 16, pages 436–501
IGI Global

As the number of computing devices embedded into engineered systems continues to rise, there is a widening gap between the needs of the user to control aggregates of devices and the complex technology of individual devices. Spatial computing attempts to bridge this gap for systems with local communication by exploiting the connection between physical locality and device connectivity. A large number of spatial computing domain specific languages (DSLs) have emerged across diverse domains, from biology and reconfigurable computing, to sensor networks and agent-based systems. In this chapter, we develop a framework for analyzing and comparing spatial computing DSLs, survey the current state of the art, and provide a roadmap for future spatial computing DSL investigation.

keywordsSpatial Computing, Sensor Networks, Agent-Based Systems