Integrated Procedures for Evaluating Technical, Environmental and Economical Aspects in Farms – The SIPEAA Project

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Marcello Donatelli, Marco Acutis, Francesco Danuso, Fabrizio Mazzetto, Piero Nasuelli, Andrea Omicini, Marisanna Speroni, Marco Trevisan, Vitaliano Tugnoli
VII Congress of the European Society of Agronomy (ESA 2002), pages 271–272
European Society of Agronomy, Cordoba, Spain
July 2002

The first term (2002-2004) of the SIPEAA project  (Software Tools for Eco-compatible Farm Planning) has commenced. supported by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies (MiPAF), this project aims to quantify and integrate the major components (i.e. technical, economical, environmental) that influence the decision process in overall farm design. The principle goals are: 1) to provide extension services  with tools for integrated analysis to help farmers adhere to environmental regulation, 2) to increase the understanding of the environmental impact associated with alternative management  ensuring sound environmental policy, 3) to identify solutions adaptive to changing conditions that optimize farmers income while  minimizing environmental impact, and 4) to create an integrated decision support database for policy and regulation enactment at regional or national levels.

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wrenchSIPEAA — Strumenti Integrati per la Pianificazione Eco-compatibile in Aziende Agricole (01/01/2002–31/12/2004)