Towards a Tuplespace-based Middleware for the Semantic Web

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Robert Tolksdorf, Lyndon J. B. Nixon, Elena Simperl
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems 6(3), pages 235-251

The Semantic Web is about a Web which contains data which is machine-processable rather than human-interpretable. This makes new demands upon the Web architecture such as a standardized interface for access to this knowledge (how to interact), model and vocabulary-based mediation (how to understand) and semantic-based distribution (how to find). We present a middleware based on the concepts of co-ordination and space-based computing as a proposed part of the necessary Semantic Web architecture and outline its usage in the Web-based utilization of distributed knowledge.

keywordsCoordination, middleware, tuplespaces, Linda, space-based computing, Semantic Web
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book Web Intelligence and Agent Systems (WIAS)