ReSpecTX: Programming Interaction Made Easy

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Computer Science and Information Systems 15(3), pages 655-682
October 2018

In this paper we present the ReSpecTX language, toolchain, and standard library as a first step of a path aimed at closing the gap between coordination languages — mostly a prerogative of the academic realm till now — and their industrial counterparts. Since the limited adoption of coordination languages within the industrial realm is also due to the lack of suitable toolchains and libraries of reusable mechanisms, ReSpecTX equips a core coordination language (ReSpecT) with tools and features commonly found in mainstream programming languages. In particular, ReSpecTX makes it possible to provide a reference library of reusable and composable interaction patterns.

keywordscoordination, multi-agent systems, Eclipse IDE, TuCSoN, ReSpecTX
journal or series
book Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS)