Event-driven Programming for Situated MAS with ReSpecT Tuple Centres

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Matthias Klusch, Matthias Thimm, Marcin Paprzycki (eds.)
Multiagent System Technologies, pages 306-319
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 8076
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

We advocate the role of tuple-based coordination languages as effective tools for event-driven programming of situated multi-agent systems (MAS). By focussing on logic-based coordination artefacts, we discuss the benefits of exploiting ReSpecT tuple centres as event-driven abstractions for MAS coordination.

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worldJAWS 2013@MATES 2013
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book Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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page_white_powerpointEvent-driven Programming for Situated MAS with ReSpecT Tuple Centres (JAWS 2013@MATES 2013, 17/09/2013) — Stefano Mariani (Andrea Omicini, Stefano Mariani)

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