Supporting Requirements Analysis in Tropos: a Planning-Based Approach

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Volha Bryl, Paolo Giorgini, John Mylopoulos
Proceedings of the 10th Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents (PRIMA?07)
21-23  November 2007

Software systems are becoming more and more part of human life influencing organizational and social activities. This introduces the need of considering the design of a software system as an integral part of the organizational and social structure development. Alternative requirements and design models have to be evaluated and selected from a social perspective finding a right trade-off between the technical and social dimension. In this paper, we present a Tropos-based approach for requirements analysis, which adopts planning techniques for exploring the space of requirements alternatives and a number of social criteria for their evaluation. We describe the tool-supported analysis process with the help of a case study (the e-voting system), which is a part of a project funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

funding project
wrenchMEnSA — Methodologies for the Engineering of complex Software systems: Agent-based approach  (01/03/2007–28/02/2009)