Agent-based approach for software development process simulation

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N. Bellamine-Ben Saoud, M. Essafi, H. Ben Ghezala
2002 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, pages 6
IEEE Computer Sosciety
October 2002

Understanding software development process has always been a great challenge in software engineering lield. Actnal engineering bas many aspects and processes that need to be well understood and modeled. This paper is to focus on simulating development process according to two complementary points of view: method and application engineer point views. We use a formalism to represent the process model, which is the map. Maps are dpamic: they provide several non-deterministic strategies to achieve given intentions from given products. Navigation in a map is dynamic. We design and develop an agent-based simulator where its main components are environment and actor: - the environment which is composed of the map structure being simulated and the product being developed; - software engineers are modeled as autonomous agents able to select sections and achieve intentions. By agents cloning, we were able to develop exhaustive and concurrent multi-process and mnltiproduct building. Our simulation supports engineers in building their maps and validating process modeld by giving an exhaustive and simultaneus navigation through one. map Maps incoherencies have been detected and flexibility assessed.