Process Metamodelling and Process Construction: Examples Using the OPEN Process Framework (OPF)

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Brian Henderson-Sellers
Annals of Software Engineering 14(1-4), pages 341-362

Deriving a unique software development process is not possible since the requirements of individual projects vary significantly. What is possible is a standard framework, defined by a metamodel, which can then provide an extensible and tailorable process environment such that individual and project-specific processes can be created and configured precisely to those project needs. As an illustration of this approach, the OPEN Process Framework (OPF) is described in terms of its underpinning metamodel. The use of this framework to construct individual process instances is then described, first in principle and then illustrated by three case studies: a process for mid-sized MIS development; a process for Web development; and a process to assist organizations in transitioning from a non-OO to an OO development culture.