Towards the Analysis & Prediction of Complex System Behaviour in SAPERE

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José Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli (eds.)
1st International Workshop on Adaptive Service Ecosystems: Natural and Socially Inspired Solutions (ASENSIS 2012), pages 5-10
10 September 2012

Complex computational systems are often intrinsically unpredictable even for the engineers designing them: understanding their possible evolution over time is typically required, for instance in order to match some application requirements. In this paper, we first survey some of the most promising and effective techniques for the analysis and prediction of complex computational systems, then we focus on SAPERE-coordinated pervasive ecosystems. We identify the most essential elements of the SAPERE coordination model, select two techniques – model checking and data mining –, and derive two possible approaches to the analysis and prediction of the behaviour of SAPERE systems.

keywordspervasive ecosystems, SAPERE coordination model, model checking, data mining, behaviour prediction
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worldASENSIS 2012@SASO 2012
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page_white_powerpointTowards the Analysis & Prediction of Complex System Behaviour in SAPERE (ASENSIS 2012@SASO 2012, 10/09/2012) — Andrea Omicini (Andrea Omicini, Marco Alberti)