Agent-Based Mixed Reality Environments in Healthcare: The Smart Shock Room Project

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Angelo Croatti, Manuel Bottazzi, Alessandro Ricci
Stefania Juan M.and Costantini Tomand Corchado Yvesand Holvoet Demazeau (eds.)
Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Trustworthiness. The PAAMS Collection, pages 398-402
Springer International Publishing, Cham

Nowadays, the impressive development of smart technologies allows for designing novel kind of Personal Digital Assistant Agents (PDAA) supporting healthcare professionals in their individual and cooperative activities. Such technologies can have a disruptive impact in supporting those pathologies where the enhancement of both physician and the environment could be useful to reduce patient care times and to offer to physician new ways to access information and to be assisted by smart agents. This demo aims to present the prototype of the Smart Shock Room project. The project's purpose is to design and develop an innovative environment where smart technologies (e.g. mobile and pervasive computing, Mixed Reality, Vocal Assistants) can revolutionise the management of critical time-dependent pathologies (i.e. traumas) within the hospital emergency department.

keywordsHealthcare; Personal agents; Mixed reality; Mirror worlds
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