The JaCa-Android Framework for Programming BDI-Based Personal Agents on Mobile Devices

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Stefania Juan M.and Costantini Tomand Corchado Yvesand Holvoet Demazeau (eds.)
Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Trustworthiness. The PAAMS Collection, pages 80-92
Springer International Publishing

Nowadays, smart mobile applications are a medium allowing more and more for developing (part of) complex software systems, featuring interactive behaviour and exhibiting different degrees of autonomy and flexibility. In agents and MAS literature, Personal Assistant Agents represent the area that mostly can benefit from the availability of frameworks allowing for easily developing native agent-based applications able to exploit features offered by smart mobile and wearable devices. This paper discusses the JaCa-Android framework, a version of JaCaMo redesigned to natively run over mobile devices equipped with Google Android operating system. Exposing native features to observe and perceive the real-time user context and act accordingly, the framework is oriented in particular to the development of smart mobile apps as BDI-based personal assistant agents offering a proper layer of abstraction for this specific purpose.

keywordsAgents; BDI; JaCaMo; Personal Agents; Google Android
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