BDI Personal Medical Assistant Agents: The Case of Trauma Tracking and Alerting

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Angelo Croatti, Sara Montagna, Alessandro Ricci, Emiliano Gamberini, Vittorio Albarello, Vanni Agnoletti
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 96, pages 187 –197
May 2019

Personal assistant agents can have an important role in healthcare as a smart technology to support physicians in their daily work, helping to tackle the increasing complexity of their task environment. In this paper we present and discuss a personal medical assistant agent technology for trauma documentation and management, based on the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) architecture. The purpose of the personal assistant agent is twofold: to assist the Trauma Team in doing precision tracking during a trauma resuscitation, so as to (automatically) produce an accurate documentation of the trauma, and to generate alerts at real-time, to be eventually displayed either on smart-glasses or room-display.