Developing organised multiagent systems using the MOISE+ model: programming issues at the system and agent levels

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Jomi F. Hübner, Jaime S. Sichman, Olivier Boissier
International Journal of Agent Oriented Software Engineering 1(3/4), pages 370–395
December 2007

Multiagent Systems (MASs) have evolved towards the specification of global constraints that heterogeneous and autonomous agents are supposed to follow when concerning open systems. A subset of these constraints is known as the MAS organisation. This article describes a set of computational tools that supports the development and the programming of such systems. At the system level, a middleware is provided which ensures that all agents will follow the organisational constraints. At the agent level, the AgentSpeak language is extended, using Jason features, so that the agents can perceive and act upon the organisation to which they belong.

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book International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (IJAOSE)