Simulating Minority Game with TuCSoN

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Alessandro Genco, Antonio Gentile, Salvatore Sorce (eds.)
Industrial Simulation Conference 2006 (ISC 2006), pages 33-38
5-7 June 2006

Minority Game is receiving an increasing interest because it models emergent properties of complex systems including rational entities, such as for instance the evolution of financial markets. As such, Minority Game provides for a simple yet stimulating scenario for system simulation.

In this paper, we aim at showing new perspectives in agent-based simulation by adopting a novel MAS meta-model based on agents and artifacts, and by applying it to Minority Game simulation. To this end, we adopt the TuCSoN infrastructure for agent coordination, and its logic-based tuple centre abstractions as artifact representatives. By implementing Minority Game over TuCSoN, we show some of the benefits of the artifact model in terms of flexibility and controllability of the simulation.