Evaluating the Feasibility of Method Engineering for the Creation of Agent-Oriented Methodologies

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Brian Henderson-Sellers
Michal Pechoucek, Paolo Petta, Laszlo Zsolt Varga (eds.)
Multi-Agent Systems and Applications IV, pages 142–152
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3690
September 2005

In the context of agent-oriented methodologies, previous work has created a number of specific method fragments for use with the OPF metamodel and repository. These have been derived from an analysis of a large number of stand-alone agent-oriented methodologies. In order to evaluate the feasibility of this method engineering approach, a different AOSE methodology has been selected so that a scientific experiment could be undertaken. The hypothesis that the agent-enhanced OPF repository could be used without change to engineer any other AOSE methodology was proved false since two tasks for the creation of agents based on role modelling needed to be added to the repository.

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