A MAS Metamodel-Driven Approach to Process Fragments Selection

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Massimo Cossentino, Salvatore Gaglio, Nicolas Gaud, Vincent Hilaire, Abder Koukam, Valeria Seidita
Michael Luck, Jorge J. Gómez-Sanz (eds.)
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering IX. 9th International Workshop, AOSE 2008. Estoril, Portugal, May 12-13, 2008. Revised Selected Papers, pages 86-100
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5386

The construction of ad-hoc design processes is more and more required today. In this paper we present our approach for the construction of a new design process following the Situational Method Engineering paradigm. We mainly focus on the selection and assembly activities on the base of what we consider a key element in agent design processes: the MAS metamodel. The paper presents an algorithm establishing a priority order in the realization (instantiation) of MAS metamodel elements by the fragments that will compose the new process.

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