Hypermedia to connect them all autonomous hypermedia agents and sociotechnical interactions

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Simon Mayer, Andrei Ciortea, Alessandro Ricci, Maria Ines Robles, Matthias Kovatsch, Angelo Croatti
Internet Technology Letters 1(4)

Current standardization efforts of the Web of Things provide a unique opportunity to integrate technologies from the research domain of multiagent systems and the human‐computer interaction field that could take us closer to creating intuitively usable distributed artificial intelligence. In this paper, we discuss what bridges are missing between these largely detached research communities: we propose to use the Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State principle that is at the core of the Web architecture to underpin systems that integrate multiagent planning and acting with semantic technologies and with interoperable mixed reality interfaces. This should enable the creation of highly augmented environments in private as well as commercial and industrial environments where physical and digital things coexist and interact with one another.